A wedding celebrant allows you to have your wedding ceremony the way you wish to celebrate your marriage and in front of your guests. Your ceremony can take place in the marquee, in front of the marquee, on the lawn or under our age old trees. Simply do the legal bit in a registry office a few days before. 

Ceremonies by Dawn

We’re proud to offer celebrant led ceremonies* at our venue by our in-house celebrant Dawn Hartley.

A Celebrant Wedding is an opportunity to break away from traditions and cultures that tell you how your wedding day should be.

A Celebrant led ceremony is flexible and will give you the freedom to structure your wedding in a way that’s more in line with what you and your partner want.

With our Celebrant, Dawn, there are no rules or restrictions on the content of your ceremony, which is perfect for those that want a more personal ceremony. Your ceremony can be religious, semi religious, non-religious or spiritual, the choice is yours. It is your day, so have it your way.

Dawn will be in contact with you throughout the planning of your Wedding and she will listen to your dream and create a ceremony that is personal and unique to you, she can write personalised vows and ring promises, or help you to choose the right ones for you.

Celebrant Ceremonies are delivered with warmth, feeling and sincerity, spoken from the heart with a special meaning for couples wishing for a unique and bespoke ceremony.

*please note that these ceremonies are not yet legally recognised in the UK, therefore a registration of marriage will need to be arranged at the local registry office.